How The Auto Title Loan Process Works

Why LoanMart is Different

Unlike other lending services, the auto title loan process is specifically designed to help qualified customers secure funds quickly so that they can immediately obtain the financial assistance they need.1 Credit union loans and similar options tend to ask for more initial information, require a history with the financial institution, and take credit scores into heavy consideration when looking at approving filings.

With a LoanMart auto title loan in Phoenix, this is not the case. Our team works as quickly as possible to process your filing, and there are no initial obligations or long processes associated with our free application.

Learn more about your options with LoanMart by contacting us directly , and read some of the specifics below.

What We Need from You to Approve Your Application

As mentioned above, our application requires much less paperwork than other lending services. Here is what you will need before you qualify:

  • Valid identification
  • A qualifying vehicle title in your name
  • Proof of residency (piece of mail addressed to you)
  • Proof of income (copy of a recent paystub or bank account statement)

Once you’ve gathered those documents, you can begin our efficient three-step process. If you qualify, you could get your funding within one business day.1 3 Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply by filling out an information request form online or over the phone
  2. Provide the necessary documents and identification
  3. Pick up your Funds1

Yes, it is that simple.1

Keep on Driving

After you stop in one of our participating locations and pick up your funds, you can then drive home in your vehicle. You read that right: As long as your loan is not in default, we do not limit your use of your personal vehicle during the life of the auto title loan. All that we do is use your vehicle as collateral for the loan by signing on to your clear vehicle title as lien holders.

You get the money you need and keep on driving the car you need!1